Coaching sessions

Chloé Dyckmans is mindtrainer and existential coach. She guides you through a model of therapeutic methods and coaching tools to gain more peace, confidence, and a broader sense of well-being. Mindfulness and body-therapy help in de-stressing and experience more authenticity. Based on your requirements and urgencies, a personal trajectory will be outlined. This is an empowering therapy, in which you take home concrete tools and exercises.

Chloé is known for her empathic approach. She has worked with people who try to cope with chronic illness, stress and ‘thought-addictions’. Her coaching is directed towards a path of un-hiding. She guides the client towards a personal ‘body-mind mapping’ as a steppingstone to travel beyond. Chloé uses mindfulness, writing exercises, therapeutic inquiry, and breathing exercises to support the client on this journey.

Chloé's Tiffinboxes : 3 Programmes


Breathing exercises, mindfulness, and body-meditation

Unhide the mind: counseling

Investigating beliefs about the self, the other and the world

Therapeutic exercises

Self-acceptance and more inner peace through writing exercises


“There are some coaches who are innately blessed with the talent of being able to hear and understand exactly where you are and give you insights that shift your paradigms into newer healthy states of being. Others have to spend years cultivating the skills and tools to help you get there. Chloe is both of these. Every conversation we have ever had has been transformative in the most intuitive way and while I know she is intentional about each and every sessions, the change that follows feels natural and always originates with me. I guess the best way I can sum up the impact she has had on me is to say that she has helped me overcome severe self-sabotage, enabled me to embrace myself and empowered me to be more myself and from this, to walk into the life I have wanted.” – Rohit Paul (India)

“As inquiry will expose your believes and open your eyes for the truth you will inevitably be confronted with your fears. A liberating but sometimes painful process. Standing this I find practicing relaxation exercises one of the kindest things towards myself. Chloe’s empathy surprised me again and again. Many times I would not need to explain further. She would sense beyond.” – Frederike Winkler (Germany)

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